Drawings, the heart of a creative process

“Looking at a drawing is like being put into a position where the artist lets the viewer in the privacy of his creative process, with all the codes unveiled, giving the viewer not only a glimpse of the artists mind but a clear opportunity to understand the skeleton of a work of art. And sometimes, a work of art is nothing more than that, a skeleton. “ says the artist Mike Kasongo also known as mikkells on social media.

So here’s an invitation to temporarily invade the artist’s privacy by having a glimpse at the artist’s creative process through this personal collection of unfinished drawings

Le portrait déchiré.

Le portrait déchiré.

Le portrait déchiré is a torn up portrait that, somehow, still managed to preserve its beauty and to remain a beautiful piece of artwork. Its proof that even broken inside, or out, we can still be the beautiful creatures that God intended us to be.

Here’s more sketches for you to enjoy and study.

Sitting lady sketch

Featuring artworks by artist Mike Kasongo.

Written by Mike Kasongo.